Rough Procurement

Our close relationships with the world’s diamond mining companies.

Our Rough Procurement and Polished Diamond Divisions are in Continues , Open Communication. This Enables Us to Tailor Our Procurement as much as Possible to the Demands of our Customer at the time.

Ethical Procurement

As a Company We are Proud Of its high Ethical Standards, We are Naturally, Extremely Careful to Verify the Provenance of every Rough Diamond We buy.

Using the Most Advanced Distribution systems, allied with the At most Human Vigilance, We Monitor Every diamond Passing through our manufacturing Process, Assuring our customers and partners of the Integrity of all our stones.

Our Processes are also independently verified through our membership of the forever mark programmed in several of our operations.

Global Procurement

VNR Exports and its Alliance entities buy a wide range of rough diamonds, from the lowest to the highest quality stone in

  • –  South Africa
  • –  Belgium
  • –  UAE
  • –  Russia
  • –  India

We Buy a wide Range of Rough Diamond, from the lowest quality stone to the highest quality stone.

Rough Diamond Manufacturing

We have key Production Center in India , Combining the Traditions of Diamond Craftsmanship with the world’s most Advanced cutting and Polishing technology.

We monitor all the Diamonds We have handle, ensuring their ethical Provenance. This is also verified through a number of third party assurance Program not least the forever mark program from DeBeers.


VNR Exports and its alliance entities have state of the Art diamond Manufacturing In India where our Heritage in craftsmanship and expertise meet the most advanced cutting and polishing technology in the word.

Our Key Manufacturing Centers are:

India- 0.1 Pts to 15 carats, Gem-Quality Round and Fancy Shapes.


Our Manufacturing Focuses On Better-Quality goods of FL to SI Quality or above. These are mainly round stones(0.005 point to 15 carat),but We are also manufacturer of fancy shape diamond(0.50 carat to 15 carat), with a range of round edged fancy shape.

We handle the Hardest stone to cut, and GIA Triple Excellent Diamond. As well as Hearts and Arrows Stones.

We also Have Proprietary patented cuts, including cento: a 100-facet diamond their demands the most exceptional Craftsmanship and expertise . We are always ready to discuss Specific Designs and Ideas and to Develop new cuts to meet every requirement.

All Product list :

  • –  Stars
  • –  Melees
  • –  Pointers
  • –  Caraters
  • –  Larger Specials
  • –  Ideal Cuts
  • –  Certificate Goods
  • –  Fancy shape
  • –  Heart & Arrows


In Today’s Competitive and dynamic Market place, customer Satisfaction is Crucial to securing a Leading edge.VNR Exports is committed to innovation and delivery the best Products and services, thereby Improving People’s quality of life and Contributing to a Better Global Society, member Management Board.

VNR Exports is a business built around the needs of our Customers. In fact ,We have even adapted Our manufacturing approach over the years to better serve the needs of our customer.

Today VNR Exports has evolved a value Driven Approach to manufacturing .Aiming at every stage to maximize the value of the rough stone through superior makes and specials cuts, from speedier delivery ,and from ever-more Accurate Projections of demand.

From large Programs of fine mixes to distinctive Special cuts, Our aim is always to deliver what you needs exactly when you need it.


We need the diverse talents and full Potential of every individual employee in order for VNR Exports to excel as a Leader in the Global Marketplace. Our diverse Workforce is critical to exploring new ideas and Creating innovation . Member of the VNR Exports Brand Council.

We are continually innovating ,developing and investing in our manufacturing Technology and process,To maintain our leadership Position in the global Diamond Industry.

Our Current Manufacturing includes :

  • –  Sarin Galaxy which is a highly accurate system for calculating and achieving the maximum Possible value yield from a rough stone.
  • –  Quzer and green soin machine , laser cutting and polishing which creates the pavilion and crown of the diamond.
  • –  Digits automatic blocking and polishing systems.
  • –  Fantasy system and VNR Exports resource systems, to manage our Inventory.

We also have a global reputation as a pioneer in technological research and development. Always looking for new ways to enhance output, Efficiency and excellence. For example we are Currently in the Process of Financing our own, Proprietary Diamond Color Technology.

VNR Exports Alliance Entity.


We offer a range of valuable services in addition to the supply of polished diamond, from bagging and Counting to holding goods in advance of orders.


Our dedication to the finest customer services means that, as well as seeking the best homes for all our goods, we also work to build Strong lasting relationship with our clients. Our additional services are key to these relationships and include.

– Key account mangers for each sector with the specialist knowledge to answer any query.

– Bagging and counting and packaging stones before sending them, so all the retailer has to do is check the parcel on receipt.

– Data provisions for package and parcels, allocated according to customer.

– Holding goods for forth coming orders effectively guaranteeing supply and enabling the client to plan ahead. This is made possible by the lasting trusted relationships we developed with clients.

– Support for our customers in key selling periods, and with Consignment goods for events.

– Drop ship to manufactures on behalf of retail clients enabling Streamlined Production to get goods to the shop floor more quickly.

Certified goods from all major laboratories(GIA,HRD,IGI)

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